For brides and grooms seeking officiants and wedding ministers for Christian wedding ceremonies in South Padre Island, Los Fresnos, Harlingen, La Feria, Mercedes, Weslaco, PSJA, McAllen, Mission and the RGV, Texas.

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and Brownsville Wedding Minister
Hidalgo and Cameron Counties Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Planning your wedding and realizing that the ceremony is very important? Frustrated in finding a marriage minister to do your wedding ceremony? And, you want your marriage blessed by an authentic Christian clergyman? Denied because of lack of church membership or divorce?

Rev. Dan Jenkins believes in the love and grace of God, and does not judge your situation. He is available to bring Heaven's Touch™ to your very special wedding day.

Rev. Dan Jenkins
  • Experienced: Over 750 weddings
  • Since 1976
  • Ceremonies of faith and romance
  • Christian, Catholic flavor and Christian-Jewish ceremonies
  • Only requirements: Man and woman who have obtained a wedding license in Texas; and God must be included in the ceremony. Divorce and no church membership are not problems.
  • Proficient, professional, passionate and patient
  • Your location: indoors, outdoors, park, gazebo, riverboat, your home, chapel, cathedral,etc. (I love outdoor weddings as much as I love weddings in cathedrals.) Destinations weddings on the beach at South Padre Island.
  • Authentic. Begin your marriage with Heaven's Touch™.
  • $250 within 20 miles of zip code 78574. $299 for South Padre Island or Austin, Belize, Puerto Rico, Cancun [hey, a minister can dream, can't he?] and other destination wedding locations, plus expenses).

As an alternative to using a Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace for performing your marriage ceremony, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, Christian Officiant of San Antonio and Austin Weddings can explain how to request your San Marcos marriage license, and then help you with planning your wedding ceremony, every step of the way. Unlike a South Central Texas Justice of the Peace, Rev Dan Jenkins, Hays County Minister of Marrigae can assist with all facets of wedding planning - from applying for the license, where to apply, the waiting period, signing, who can witness - he will walk you through all the steps.

Starting off on the planning process can seem daunting at first - where do you start? We'll go through all the choices in detail and make the wedding planning process enjoyable and interesting. Both you and your beloved will enjoy chatting together about all the elements and deciding what is really important to you. Close and distant relatives, out of state friends - who to invite? Who to honor? How can we honor them? How can we include our family and friends?

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If Heaven's Touch Weddings™, South Central Texas Wedding Officiant's services are booked, he can facilitate you find Seguin wedding officiants, plus other San Marcos wedding vendors for your Hays County wedding service, and will assist with each step of the ceremony process.

Whether for your wedding New Braunfels Texas, or your wedding San Antonio, or for Hays County, Starr County, Cameron County, Willacy County, Preble County, Butler or Fayette County, I can through each process for your wedding service in South Central Texas.

When applying for your Hays County marriage license, I can be of assistance to you with what the cost will be and how to reduce the fee. I can render assistance with the difference in the definitions between a Justice of the Peace, other Austin wedding officiants, and also other available Buda wedding ministers.

Rather than a Justice of the Peace in South Central Texas, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, San Antonio Wedding Minister's wedding officiating is available and for your unique wedding in San Marcos, Wimberly wedding, Austin Texas, Buda, New Braunfels, Seguin and San Antonio, Reverend Jenkins is warm, friendly, and experienced in all aspects of wedding ceremony coordinating. For your wedding in San Marcos Texas, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, San Antonio Wedding Ministers are also currently available.

Heaven's Touch Weddings™ will coordinate your wedding in San Marcos and Austin and go through all these questions with you and relieve the pressure of finding all the answers that uniquely suit your circumstances. Heaven's Touch Weddings™, San AntonioWedding Minister, Hays County wedding planner or officiant, assists with every step of your planning process in ceremony planning, whether for wedding ceremonies. If you are looking for a San Antonio Justice of the Peace or San Marcos minister, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, San Marcos Wedding Minister will be coordinating and officiating.

For your South Central Texas wedding, as an alternative of a Hays County Justice of the Peace, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, San Marcos Wedding Minister can advise you with designing the entire wedding ceremony, from beginning to end. For unique South Central Texas weddings, as a marriage officiant with over thirty years of experience, I would love to meet with you and talk with you and your fiance about your ideas and thoughts about your wedding!

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Looking for a wedding site that can double as a reception site for your wedding or South Padre Island beach marriage ceremony? Require advice for a non-traditional San Marcos wedding site? What wedding churches are for rent in South Central Texas? Whether for a Johnson City outdoor wedding, or one indoors, as an experienced Canyon Lakewedding minister and officiant, I have access to and experience with many San Marcos wedding locations and other Hays County wedding sites and Austin reception sites. For a San Antonio wedding ceremony, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, Austin Wedding Minister can aid you in finding a site, as well as aid with all the other questions. For a ceremony San Antonio wedding, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, Christian Officiant's services can be useful from start to finish. Whether you're thinking of a park, your home, a reception site, a church, a boat, or any place else, I'll go over with you all the wedding ceremony options and choices. I'll be there with advice, comments, or questions - I am always here for you! Some settings require that you use their catering, while a few permit outside catering. Most spots allow alcohol, but some (mostly parks and churches), don't. Almost all places permit you to actually have the ceremony right at the site, and this option can reduced expenses. Reverend Dan and his associate are Protestant transdemoninational ministers with true respect for Catholic and Jewish wedding traditions, doing many Interfaith weddings each year.

Looking for a chapel in the Rio Grande Valley for your wedding? Heaven's Touch Weddings™ Jenkins can find your chapel, as well as assistance with all the ceremony planning. For a chapel in the RGV for a wedding, Heaven's Touch Weddings™, San Antonio Wedding Minister's advice and recommendations can make the entire ceremony and planning process go smoothly. I have plenty of recommendations for indoor Austin chapels and wedding sites. Having officiated over 750 ceremonies. Each site is different, in cost, size, limitations...and I'd love to talk you through the different choices for weddings. San Marcos marriage license requirements, South Central Texas witness requirements, everything - we'll go over all the alternatives, and determine how your site affects your choices. Where are churches that allow weddings in South Texas or the prices for renting the church? For Rio Grande Valley wedding ministers or officiants or Rio Grande Valley wedding clergy, or Rio Grande Valley Justice of the Peace, non-traditional sites may need an experienced officiant such as Heaven's Touch Weddings™, Christian Officiant. These sites especially require careful attention as to where the musician or DJ should be set up, where the party will come in from, and if additional amplification equipment is essential. I can project to any number of guests, but if you have other speakers, they may want a microphone. We'll talk about all these specific choices. Sites I can give reviews with either Christian weddings or InterFaith wedding ceremonies.

Which park should a bride use for South Texas outdoor weddings? What beautiful wedding places and beautiful wedding sites are out there? Outdoor weddings in Canyon Lake may require a rain location - and assistance and advice can be very helpful from your minister or officiant, whether for outdoor San Antonio Catholic weddings, South Padre Island Christian weddings, or elsewhere in the metropolitan area, South Texas wedding area. Many parks do not have rain locations, but perhaps your reception may also serve as a backup ceremony site. Very few weddings are rained out, because summer thunderstorms are very short and localized, but what are your backup plans for these South Central Texas marriage ceremonies or San Antonio transdenominational ceremonies? With outdoor wedding ceremonies in South Central Texas, do we have to worry about cold weather? Can we still have a private wedding ceremony in South Texas outdoors? Additionally, some sites have extreme airplane traffic, and some have churches with bells nearby that can toll for up to five minutes. Some sites, especially parks, do not allow chairs to be placed on the grounds, and some sites have no electrical outlets for microphones or musicians. These are exactly the kind of issues and questions about which Rev Jenkins will talk with you, and as as your Rio Grande Valley wedding minister or officiant, I'll discuss with you each section of planning. (Heaven's Touch Weddings™, South Padre Island Wedding Minister is correct). Planning together for your Rio Grande Valley wedding ceremony is a fun and exciting process (really!) Wimberly weddings; Wimberly officiants; Wimberly wedding ministers; Seguin weddings; Seguin officiants; Seguin wedding reverends; New Braunfels weddings; New Braunfels officiants; New Braunfels marriage ministers; Austin Weddings; Austin officiants; Austin marriage reverends; San Antonio weddings; San Antonio officiants; San Antonio marriage celebrants; Texas State University weddings; Texas State University chaplains; Texas State University officiants; Texas State University wedding priests; Bastrop officiants; Bastrop weddings; Bastrop marriage ceremonies; Luling marriages; Luling officiants; Luling wedding priests; Canyon Lake weddings; Canyon Lake officiants; Canyon Lake marriage nuptials; Lockhart pastors; Lockhart marriage ceremonies; Lockhart weddings; Buda weddings; Buda nuptials; Buda officiants; Buda wedding ceremony reverends.